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2010 Rain Forest Rescue Report

There is good news this year from the countries aided by donations to Rain Forest Rescue, a unique program designed to help local residents restore damaged land and preserve areas that remain pristine.

Photo © Sergio Pucci

Projects in countries like Belize and Guatemala are providing the means for families and entire villages to stabilize hillsides once stripped of their lush foliage by logging and unsustainable agriculture. By introducing agricultural practices such as shade-grown coffee and scientific forestry, economic stability is made possible and pressure is relieved on remaining natural areas. Better methods of detecting illegal fires and forest clearing are also being introduced and the system of protected areas is being expanded.

Preserving the remaining Maya Forest is a major goal of Rain Forest Rescue. This amazing 13-million acre forest is the largest intact acreage of tropical rain forest outside of the Amazon Basin. It is home to a Noah’s Ark of animals ranging from jaguars and the beautiful keel-billed toucan to a host of songbirds that summer in North America. Through projects now underway in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy and local organizations, the people of Belize and Guatemala are turning precious tropical rain forest land back into its natural, ancestral state. The tools being used are participant-involved planning, technical assistance, and help in establishing a stronger ranger force in nature preserves and protected areas.

For a summary of projects being supported by Rain Forest Rescue donations from our members and friends, please click below to see the projects in progress and how you can help.

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Read more information on our projects in these countries:

Mexico Belize Guatemala

Or read and print the full report on one page.