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What’s Happening to Rain Forests

Tropical rain forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. In the Amazon alone, around 17% of the rain forest has been lost in the last 50 years.

Unsustainable practices are decimating the forests.

Why is this happening? The forest is often clear-cut to make room for sun-loving coffee plantations, other cropland, grazing land, mining and urban development. Unsustainable logging practices are also a cause.

The truly unfortunate part of this is that the ground cleared to grow sun-loving coffee and other crops—as well as to graze cattle—becomes infertile in a matter of a few years. Then that ground is abandoned, and a new section of the rain forest is cleared.

As the clear-cutting continues, more and more issues arise:

  • Loss of animal habitat
  • Animals becoming endangered
  • Erosion and landslides
  • Global climate change
  • Birds shifting their migration patterns
  • Loss of a sustainable way of life for those living in poverty in the forests

It’s time for us to join together and make a difference.