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Helping the People of the Rain Forest

By supporting Rain Forest Rescue, you are not only saving rain forests. You’re preserving the communities and culture of these areas as well. The stories here are just a glimpse of all the work being done.

Chichleros Continuing a Tradition

Chicle harvesting is a trade that has been passed down from generation to generation in Central America. And it depends entirely on the rain forest.

A Coffee Grower Under the Canopy

Julio Fernandez Aguilar grows coffee sustainably, in the shade of the rain forest, high up in the Andes Mountains of Peru. We met Julio while we visited numerous Peruvian coffee farmers to see their shade-grown farms—in the heart of the rain forest.

The Ready Women of Madagascar

The Rain Forest Rescue program is supporting a community-based program in Madagascar that is working to reforest the area and restore the lemur’s natural habitat. More than 1000 local individuals are involved in this tree planting effort—including a women’s association known in the native language of Madagascar as Vehivavy Vonona, which roughly translates to “the ready women.” And these ladies are indeed ready to help make a difference in their community.

Locals Learning Sustainable Forestry Methods

While massive logging operations can be detrimental to the rain forest, responsible forestry will not have a negative impact. It’s a great way for locals to make a living off of the forest while maintaining it.

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