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Membership Trees Shipping Schedule

Your Membership Trees are the 10 free trees you receive with your membership.

* Shipping dates subject to change with weather changes. To be notified of when your trees ship, please ensure we have your email address on file. Contact Us.

2024 Fall Shipping Schedule

Zone Approximate Ship Dates* Order Deadline

2025 Spring Shipping Schedule

Zone Approximate Ship Dates* Order Deadline

Hardiness Zones Hardiness Zone Map

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Top 3 Shipping Questions

  • When will my trees arrive?

    To be sure that your trees arrive in a strong and healthy condition, we ship bare-root stock only when it is dormant in the fall and spring seasons. Trees are sent according to your local climate and this year’s weather. Enter your zip code in the form above to find out when your trees will ship.

    Fall Shipping

    We have to wait for a couple of hard frosts so the trees go dormant and can be shipped safely. Trees can be planted until the ground is frozen solid.

    Spring Shipping

    Our trees can be planted during a broad range of weeks or months - from when the frost first leaves the ground through late spring.

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  • How are my trees shipped?

    Your 10-Free-Tree membership package will ship by USPS bulk rate. All Nursery orders ship USPS Priority or UPS Ground depending on the size/weight of the order. The majority of Nursery orders will travel by USPS Priority. All of our trees can be delivered to a PO Box. If your package is too large to fit, the post office will leave a card in your box indicating the arrival of your trees.

  • I only received part of my order. Where is the rest?

    Paid nursery orders and free membership trees come from separate facilities and arrive at separate times.

    Membership Trees

    Please inspect all orders carefully upon arrival. Our membership trees are one year old seedlings and are about 6 – 12 inches in length. All of your membership trees come in a plastic package and are bundled together with a twist tie. Please remove the twist tie and carefully separate the trees. Each deciduous seedling should look like a stick with some roots at the end.

    Nursery Stock

    Please inspect your order carefully upon arrival. Our nursery trees are 2 year old seedlings. They are packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. Please remove all of the contents from the package upon receipt. Your tree seedlings are all bundled together and secured inside of a clear plastic bag covering the rootball. There should be a twist tie securing the clear plastic package to your seedlings (just above the roots). Please remove the twist tie and remove the trees from the clear plastic bag. You should now be able to see white paper tags on the seedlings indicating the species of tree above the roots. NOTE: when you order multiple trees of the same species they are bundled together with another twist tie. There will be only one paper label per species of tree ordered. Carefully separate all of your trees. You should have also received a small package of papers in a clear plastic package. Please open the package and locate the packing slip (green and white piece of paper). Compare your order with the items listed on this packing slip.

    If you are missing any trees from your order please contact member services and we will be happy to schedule a free replacement for the missing items.

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When Your Trees Arrive

Spring Shipping

  • Your trees can be planted from the time the frost first leaves the ground through late spring. A Planting Guide containing the instructions is included with every order.
  • It is best to plant your trees within 5 days of their arrival. If it is not possible to plant within this time frame, it is recommended that your trees be heeled in.

Fall Shipping

To be sure your bare root trees arrive in a strong and healthy condition, we ship them in a dormant or "sleeping" state. This means your trees have experienced 2-3 hard frosts and are already prepared to withstand the cold winter conditions. They can even be planted up until the ground is frozen solid! Also note, snow on the ground does not mean your soil is frozen. In order to freeze, your day time low temperature has to stay below 32°F for generally 4-6 weeks. If possible, plant your trees within 5 days upon arrival.

Nursery Trees: Trees from our Tree Nursery.
We’re sorry, but nursery trees cannot be shipped to AK, AZ, HI, U.S.territories, or countries outside the U.S. This is due to the agricultural laws within these locations.

Membership Trees: Trees you receive for becoming a member.
Please note that, due to lengthy inspection times and other restrictions, we are unable to ship membership tree packages to Hawaii, the Territories, APOs, FPOs and countries other than the United States.

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