Inspired by a collective sense of urgency to reduce the negative effects of a changing climate, a global movement to plant trees is gaining momentum. To move the needle, we need to act on a massive scale and plant millions of trees today to have a measurable and lasting impact on billions of lives tomorrow.

In the book Now Is the Time for Trees, Arbor Day Foundation chief executive Dan Lambe shares his insights about the power and importance of tree planting — inspiring you to do your part. From advice on choosing the right size and type of tree to tried-and-true tips for planting success, this book will help you plant a tree today and leave your own legacy of hope.

“Trees literally frame our lives, and that’s probably what I love most about this book — celebrating and sharing how trees impact people's lives in so many ways throughout the neighborhoods where we grew up and communities in which we live today.”

Dan Lambe
Author and CEO of the Arbor Day Foundation

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Equal parts inspiration and advocacy, Now Is the Time for Trees is a rousing call for environmental action and a must-have book for nature lovers everywhere.

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