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New Jersey Tree Recovery

Help replant the tens of thousands of urban trees these homeowners so desperately need.

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On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy made landfall on the shores of New Jersey. This massive storm damaged more than 340,000 homes and took the lives of 37 individuals. It has been classified as the most severe storm of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season and has caused $30 billion in economic losses to businesses.

As the citizens of New Jersey rebuild their communities, the Arbor Day Foundation will work to bring back the beauty of the tree line back to this shoreline state. The New Jersey Tree Recovery campaign is a partnership between the Foundation and the New Jersey of State Forestry Service. This campaign will focus on providing trees to homeowners and communities who lost their urban canopy in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

To date, more than 332,982 trees have been distributed, but many more are still needed. With your help, we can restore the delicate tree and shoreline balance that makes New Jersey so unique.



Environmental and Societal Impact of 332,982 Trees Over 40 Years info

  • Cooling Savings (kWh) = $44,841,576
  • Heating Savings (kBtu) = $148,598,767
  • Net Energy Savings (kBtu) = $193,529,138
  • Net Carbon Dioxide Reductions = 950,108 tons
  • Air Pollution Reductions = 4,062 tons
  • Hydrology (Rainfall Inception) Increase = 4,768,302,240 gallons

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Community Tree Recovery is an initiative of the Arbor Day Foundation nationally sponsored by FedEx. The New Jersey Tree Recovery campaign is in partnership with New Jersey State Forestry Service, under the Department of Environmental Protection.