Partners in Community Forestry 2012

Review the Presentations

The following links are all PDFs.

Reclamation - The Awkward First Step in Integrated Vegetation Management (Bell)

Greenprint: Where We Grow From Here (Blain, Fenkner, Rathburn)

Tree Restoration Following a Natural Disaster (Chatfield, Maloney)

SNAP - Surrey Natural Area Planning Partnership (Croy)

Growing Partnerships through the Tree Campus USA Program: Lessons Learned and Success Stories (Fischer, Hart, Widhelm)

Building Urban Forestry Policy into Funding (Gallippi)

A Comprehensive Update on Tree Canopy Assessment (Hanou)

Greater Kansas City Regional Forestry Initiative (Jacobs)

Concerns, Challenges, and Opportunities: Can Utilities and Other Stakeholders Leverage the Benefits of the Urban Forest (Kempter)

Lightning Round 1 - Technology and the Urban Forest

Lightning Round 2 - Urban Forest Programs and Projects

Competitive Exclusion Principle (Low)

The Changing Urban Landscape (Nowak)

Farm Bill: Regional Strategic System for Early Detection of Invasive Species (Sawyer)

Regional Tree Initiatives: A Partnership in Chicago, IL (Scott, Daniel)

Engaging the Next Generation of Urban Forestry Professionals (Smith, Palmer, Delgado, Thomas, Watson, Blick)

Continental Dialogue (Toomey)

Nature to Nurture - The History of Sacramento's Urban Forest (Tretheway)

367 Surveys and 70 Interviews Later: What You Should Know About Storm Response in the Urban Forest (Trueman-Madriaga)

Connecting People to Local, Conservation-Based Volunteer Opportunities (Widhelm)

Bringing Nature Back to Urban Environments (Wilson)

How EAB Brought Us Together (Zwack)