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Buy Trees

  1. Buy trees in the Tree Nursery.
  2. Get 10 free trees.
  3. Commemorative Trees—plant Trees in Memory & Trees in Celebration.
  4. Give-A-Tree Cards—Every card plants a tree.
  5. Gift Trees for any occasion.
  6. Plant Trees for Pets.
  7. Hazelnuts.
  8. Seedlings in Bulk.

Tree Identification

  1. What Tree Is That? Online.
  2. What Tree is That? Pocket Field Guide.
  3. What Tree Is That? for iPhone.
  4. Tree Community & Forum.
  5. Identifying Your 10 Free Trees.

Tree Planting & Care

  1. Tree Care Tips & Techniques.
  2. Tree Community & Forum.
  3. Tree Health Guide.
  4. Planting Your Trees
  5. Pruning Guide.
  6. Identifying Your 10 Free Trees.
  7. Backyard Woods.
  8. Storm Recovery Kit.
  9. Helpful Online Resources.
  10. Tree City USA Bulletins.

Choosing a Tree

  1. Your Hardiness Zone.
  2. Tree Shipping Schedule.
  3. Online Tree Guide.
  4. Use our Tree Wizard to find the right tree.
  5. Energy-Saving Trees.
  6. Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place.
  7. Free Landscape Design Ideas.
  8. The latest scientific data on hardiness zones.

Benefits of Trees

  1. The Benefits of Trees.
  2. World Without Trees—A Landscape Transformed.
  3. Trees Tame Stormwater.
  4. Climate Change.
  5. Energy-Saving Trees.
  6. America’s National Tree.
  7. Interactive Member Impact Map.

More Tree-Related Pages

  1. Rain Forest Rescue—Plant trees in the rain forest.
  2. Replanting Our Nation’s Forests.
  3. Reforestation.
  4. Tree Life Stages.
  5. State Foresters.
  6. Urban Forestry Coordinators.
  7. Tree links on the web.


  1. Become a Member—Join the Foundation.
  2. Free e-mail newsletters.
  3. Tree Shipping Information.
  4. Tree Shipping Schedule.
  5. Member Tree Planting Guide.
  6. Frequently Asked Questions.
  7. ID Key (Color Codes) for delivered trees.
  8. Tree Health Guide.
  9. Our Members Make a Difference—Impact Map.
  10. Tree Community (Forum).
  11. Wallpaper & Screensavers.
  12. Member Creations.


  1. Replanting America’s National Forests.
  2. Tree City USA.
  3. Tree Line USA.
  4. Tree Campus USA.
  5. Nature Explore.
  6. Rain Forest Rescue.
  7. Arbor Day Awards.
  8. Arbor Day Farm.
  9. Partners in Community Forestry National Conference.
  10. Backyard Woods.
  11. Conservation Trees.
  12. Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium.
  13. Volunteer Tree Planting.
  14. Nature Explore—Nature education for youth.


  1. Press Releases.
  2. Fast facts about the Arbor Day Foundation.
  3. Timeline—A brief history of the Arbor Day Foundation.
  4. The latest scientific data on hardiness zones.
  5. Hardiness Zone Lookup Tool—Use our database on your site.
  6. Storm Recovery.
  7. Public Service Announcements (print).
  8. Public Service Announcements (audio/video).
  9. Follow us online with social media.
  10. Free e-mail newsletters.
  11. Logos & Illustrations.
  12. Arbor Day Awards.
  13. America’s National Tree.
  14. Volunteer Tree Planting.
  15. Link to Us.



  1. The Tree Nursery.
  2. Get 10 Free Trees.
  3. The Arbor Marketplace—Tree-related merchandise.
  4. Shrubs, Bushes & Hedges.
  5. Tree-Related Books.
  6. Seedlings in Bulk.
  7. Tree Collections.
  8. Fruit Trees.


  1. Tree-related Gift Ideas.
  2. Commemorative Trees—plant Trees in Memory & Trees in Celebration.
  3. Trees for Pets.
  4. Gift Trees for any occasion.
  5. Arbor Day Coffee saves the Rain Forest with every cup.
  6. Give-a-Tree Cards.
  7. Apparel.


  1. Nature Explore Sourcebook.
  2. Publications & Videos.
  3. Tree City USA merchandise, apparel, and bulletins.

Arbor Day

  1. When is Arbor Day?—a list of United States dates.
  2. Arbor Day Around the World—dates in other countries.
  3. The History of Arbor Day.
  4. Celebration Materials.
  5. How to Celebrate Arbor Day.
  6. Arbor Day Award Winners.
  7. Celebrate Arbor Day in Your Classroom.
  8. Volunteer Tree Planting.
  9. Send Arbor Day Greeting Cards.

Take Action

  1. Trees for Joplin.
  2. Trees for Alabama.
  3. Donate Today.
  4. Become a Member—Join the Foundation.
  5. Free e-mail newsletters.
  6. Rain Forest Rescue.
  7. Replanting Our Nation’s Forests.
  8. Help Wildfire Stricken Forests.
  9. Bequests & Planned Giving.
  10. Volunteer Tree Planting.
  11. Is your town a Tree City USA?
  12. Friends & Supporters.
  13. Corporate Partnerships.

Youth Education

Preschool—3rd Grade

  1. Nature Explore.
  2. Grow Your Own Tree.

4th Grade & Up

  1. The Life of a Tree—Learn about bark, tree rings, and more.
  2. Learn about the animals of the rain forest.
  3. Majestic Trees of America—The history of the U.S. as seen by trees.


  1. Nature Explore is your youth education launch page. This site links to all of our online and offline activities. There are free games and activities for you to print and use with your class, and videos, booklets, and kits for purchase.
  2. Present our Arbor Day Video.
  3. Build your Nature Explore Classroom™ with field-tested, natural components for outdoor learning.
  4. Learning With Nature Idea Book.
  5. Certify your Nature Explore Classroom.
  6. Attend a Nature Explore Workshop.

Our Related Websites

  1. Arbor Day Farm.
  2. Lied Lodge & Conference Center.
  4. Nature Explore.
  5. Dimensions Educational Research Foundation.