lynx on a tree

Give-A-Tree Cards

Every Card Plants a Tree.

Give-A-Tree cards fanned out

Give-A-Tree cards are no ordinary greeting cards. Sure, they may look beautiful on the outside, but don't let their inspiring landscapes and beautiful colors fool you. These are cards with a purpose.

Our nation's forests are one of our greatest treasures. They clean our air. They beautify our landscapes. They help purify the water that more than 150 million Americans drink every day. And every Give-A-Tree Card plants a tree to replace one that has been lost by fire, insects, or disease. Read some of our replanting stories.

So send your cards as you would any other greeting card, but be happy knowing that your greeting cards are doing more.

We can also personalize our Give-A-Tree Cards with a message or logo for businesses or families that want to plant a lot of trees when they send cards out. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.

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