On a mission to revive our natural and urban forests

This collaboration is built on the idea that together we can do more. A mix of governmental, nonprofit, and corporate organizations make up our efforts. All are committed to the restoration of forests devastated by wildfire.

Why Join?

The aims and desired outcomes of the Wildfire Restoration Collaborative are to:

  • Be part of positive change to share with various corporate stakeholders
  • Incentivize cross-collaboration among funding and programmatic partners
  • Convene, both digitally and in-person, corporate leaders to discuss the intersection between fire and forests alongside trusted peers and subject-matter experts
  • Elevate awareness and recognition about the role corporations can and do play in addressing forest fires
  • Share progress on various projects, provide context and learnings to spark opportunities for future successful collaborations
  • Discuss best practices for wildfire communications and messaging.

Get Involved

There is much to learn from the increasing severity and frequency of forest fires. Many of our partners are interested in learning more, while others are interested in sharing their experiences. The Arbor Day Foundation is often at the nexus of these conversations and aims to continue to create spaces for convening interested parties to drive our mission forward.

Interested in Joining the Collaborative?

If you or your organization are interested in our plans to respond to past, current and the growing global trend of megafires, please fill out the interest form below or email us at [email protected].