Eco Golf Supports The National Arbor Day Foundation

Nebraska City, NE -- Eco Golf, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly golf accessories, has become a corporate sponsor for The National Arbor Day Foundation. Eco Golf will support the Foundation`s tree planting and educational programs through its sponsorship.

Eco Golf was founded in 1995, and the company began producing the Eco Golf Tee, a degradable tee made from a corn byproduct, in 1997. In 2000, Eco Golf also introduced the first ocean friendly golf ball, made from a biodegradable material that dissolves in fresh or salt water in four days. Eco Golf demonstrates its environmental commitment by donating 5% of pre-tax profits to environmental organizations.

Golf markets in the United States use an estimated two billion wood golf tees per year. By manufacturing a golf tee from corn, a naturally renewable source, Eco Golf is helping to save more than 100,000 trees per year. ``We are pleased to have the support of Eco Golf,`` said John Rosenow, President of The National Arbor Day Foundation. Eco Golf`s support for the Foundation ties nicely with the opening of ArborLinks. ArborLinks is the Foundation`s new environmental golf course, located adjacent to the historic Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska
City, Nebraska.

Founded in 1972, The National Arbor Day Foundation is a non-profit organization established to help people plant and care for trees. The Foundation`s national membership has grown to nearly one million members, with eight million trees distributed to its members annually. The Foundation has worked with the USDA Forest Service since 1990, planting nearly two million trees in national forests that have been damaged by fire, insect or other natural causes. For additional information about The National Arbor Day Foundation, visit, call (402) 474-5655, or write to: The National Arbor Day Foundation, 100 Arbor Avenue, Nebraska City, NE 68410.

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