International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance Names Arbor Day Foundation's Jeremy Manion as 2023 Chair


LINCOLN, Nebraska (May 19, 2022) – Jeremy Manion, managing director of carbon markets for the Arbor Day Foundation’s carbon market venture, Arbor Day Carbon, LLC, was named vice chair of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA).

Arbor Day Carbon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Arbor Day Foundation. ICROA is a nonprofit membership organization that works with individuals and entities to develop, apply and advance best practices in voluntary climate action. Manion is currently serving as the vice chair and will become the chair in 2023.

 “Jeremy is an integral part of Arbor Day Carbon’s growth in shaping the ecological future of our planet,” said Eric Dinger, president of Arbor Day Carbon. “I have no doubt he will bring that same passion and innovation to ICROA.”

The mission of ICROA is to enable climate leadership of corporates and governments by developing and advancing best practices in emissions reductions and carbon offsetting ahead of and beyond regulation. One of the main goals of ICROA is to accelerate the transition to a global net-zero economy through its accreditation program.

In his role, Manion will create and uphold standards for integrity to be applied around the world by voluntary carbon markets, project developers, governments and corporates.

“It is an honor to steward and advance ICROA’s Code of Best Practice through collaboration with ICROA-accredited organizations to benefit people, nature and the climate,” Manion said. “Moving forward, a priority for ICROA will be to build more independence into ICROA’s accreditation and increase impact through greater adoption in the voluntary carbon markets.” 

At Arbor Day Carbon, Manion partners with project developers, investors and companies to create meaningful solutions for climate, communities and biodiversity by transacting carbon credits and investing in carbon projects. Arbor Day Carbon is ICROA accredited and maintains good standing in the ICROA Code of Best Practice.

Learn more about Arbor Day Carbon here.


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