Arbor Day Foundation Taps Dinger to Lead New Carbon Market Venture


LINCOLN, Nebraska (November 11, 2021) – Eric Dinger, a committed conservationist and successful entrepreneur, is joining the Arbor Day Foundation as president of its new carbon market venture: Arbor Day Carbon, LLC.

Arbor Day Carbon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Arbor Day Foundation.

Arbor Day Carbon was created to accelerate the revitalization of forest ecosystems through nature-based solutions, specifically trees and forests, by growing carbon market demand. Dinger will work with investors to help drive the creation of quality carbon credits to meet current market demand; support developers and landowners to maximize the impact of their carbon projects; and partner with companies who seek to incorporate verified forestry carbon credits into their sustainability programs.

“Carbon markets are very popular right now for corporations looking to voluntarily reduce their carbon footprint,” said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. “We see this increased activity as a monumental opportunity to capture that interest and replant, restore, and revitalize forests around the world on an exponential scale. Eric is an entrepreneur at heart with a start-up mindset, which is precisely what we need for this new undertaking at the Arbor Day Foundation.”

Before coming to the Arbor Day Foundation, Dinger was the co-founder of Powderhook, a tech company that would connect conservationists to help share information and education for outdoor recreation activities. Powderhook was acquired by Sovereign Sportsman Solutions as part of a conservation technology roll-up strategy in 2019.

“My life’s work has been about growing outdoor recreation and funding for conservation. Carbon credits will likely be the largest funding source for conservation work for generations to come,” Dinger said. “To be able to join the world’s best-known tree-planting organization to lead this venture is an exciting honor. With the respect of the Arbor Day Foundation brand behind our efforts, Arbor Day Carbon can differentiate our carbon products and programs, and ultimately maximize our impact.”

Learn more about Arbor Day Carbon here.


About the Arbor Day Foundation

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