Chartwells and Arbor Day Foundation Teaming Up to Save Rain Forests

Nebraska City, Neb.--Chartwells, a leader in food service to educational institutions, and The National Arbor Day Foundation are working together to preserve the planet's tropical rain forests. Chartwells, a division of the Compass Group, is making a contribution to the Foundation's Rain Forest Rescue program of funds raised on college campuses across the country.

The special fund-raising event will be held from April 19 through April 30, 1999, with collection boxes placed in the dining halls of the colleges and universities served by Chartwells. The dates of the event were chosen to include both Earth Day, on April 28, and Arbor Day, April 30.

Chartwells' parent corporation, Compass Group, is known for its commitment to the environment, including its ongoing contribution to Rain Forest Rescue from the sale of rain forest seeds and tee-shirts. As part of this year's campaign on college campuses, anyone donating $10 or more will also be entitled to membership in The National Arbor Day Foundation. Through its programs, the Foundation preserves 2,500 square feet of rain forest for each $10 contribution.

"We're delighted by Chartwells' support and commitment to our tropical rain forests," said Arbor Day Foundation President John Rosenow. "Though this irreplaceable land covers only 2 percent of the earth's surface, it is home to over half the planet's plant and animal species, and to plants used to produce one-fourth of today's medicines. It's an area of enormous importance to us all, and I'm grateful for Chartwells' contributions to the survival of the rain forest."

Chartwells is a contract food service divided into two sectors, one serving colleges and universities and the other kindergarten through grade 12. This fund-raising event is sponsored by the college and university division. The National Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to tree planting and environmental stewardship.