Warm Nebraska Weather Brings Early Apple Bloom to Arbor Day Farm

Nebraska City, Neb. (March 28, 2012) – Nebraska's unseasonably warm winter has brought blossoms to Arbor Day Farm earlier than expected this spring, with gorgeous apple and peach trees either already in bloom or with blooms soon on their way.

Orchards and Nursery Manager Adam Howard predicts the apple trees will be in peak bloom any day now at Arbor Day Farm. Depending on the weather, the blooms should remain on the apple trees until about mid-April, Howard said.

"The bloom is about three to four weeks early this year," said Howard. "The early start suggests that the apple harvest also may be ahead of schedule this fall, but right now we're taking it one day at a time. We look forward to sharing the beauty of springtime with visitors in the coming weeks."

Arbor Day Farm is adding 100 new peach trees to its orchard this year, as well as 30 Asian pear trees and a blackberry patch.

This weekend, visitors to Arbor Day Farm can take a closer look at the blooms on board the Discovery Ride, departing the Tree Adventure at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday. This guided tour includes a stop in the orchards and information about the apple varieties currently in blossom. The cost of the Discovery Ride is $4 for adults, $3 for children ages 3-12 and free for children 2 and under, and is separate from regular Tree Adventure admission.

Arbor Day Farm also will host special activities on Arbor Day Weekend, April 28 and 29, with tree climbing, live music and other festivities, with more details to come.

About the Arbor Day Foundation: The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization of one million members, with the mission to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. More information about the Foundation and its programs can be found at www.arborday.org.