Nebraska City, NE (March 1, 2007) - Enna Water™, a California-based bottled beverage producer, is donating a portion of its spring water product sales to The National Arbor Day Foundation to preserve rain forest land. Each $1.00 donated to the Foundation will preserve 250 square feet of rain forest land in Central and South America.

Enna Water's bottled spring water comes from a protected rain forest reserve in South America, giving the company an incentive to take part in the Foundation's Rain Forest Rescue® program and help protect these important resources. "The National Arbor Day Foundation demonstrates exactly the responsible and mature approach to preserving the environment that we are looking for. It makes a lot of sense for us to partner with them so we can expand our reach to protecting the Rain Forest," said Megan Fung, Vice President of Marketing with Enna Water.

"Enna Water demonstrates true passion for the earth's rain forests through their business, their products, and their support of the Rain Forest Rescue® program," said John Rosenow, president of The National Arbor Day Foundation. Nearly 100,000 acres of tropical forests are destroyed every day - destruction that the Foundation strives to reduce through conservation partnerships and on-location education for sustainable forest management. "Enna Water's contributions will help save these irreplaceable rain forests that are so important to the world's animal and plant life and to our way of life," said Rosenow.

About Enna Water: Enna Water is a division of Buenatura LLC. Based in California, with operations throughout the U.S., Enna Water is committed to bring Rain Forest Spring Water to consumers in a sustainable and responsible way. Enna Water explores what the Rain Forest offers without destroying it, and actually preserves it. The company's water originates in a protected reserve within the Rain Forest of South America. Enna Water produces one of the highest quality eco-friendly premium spring waters available. It is a well-balanced, low natural mineral water enriched naturally through its 20-year subterranean journey in the Rain Forest. Sourced from one the largest reserves of spring water in the Rain Forest, Enna Water is a spring water that is nurtured, filtered and delivered 100% natural. Please visit www.ennawater.com for more information.

About The National Arbor Day Foundation: The National Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit, environmental education organization of nearly one million members, with a mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. More information on the Foundation and its programs can be found at www.arborday.org.