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Peru Carbon Project

Every year, Peru loses more than 500,000 acres of rain forest to deforestation. It’s time to put a stop to the devastation, and your carbon offsets can help to do just that.

Located in the rain forests of the Peruvian Amazon, this project is comprised of approximately 660,000 acres of forest. Through local partners, we are working with nearly 400 families within area communities to create export markets and provide more stability for sustainable forest agricultural products such as Brazil nuts — helping to avoid forest destruction for short-term gain.

The project is helping to:

  • Coordinate a transparently governed federation to help manage production and sales, represent the communities, and distribute benefits equitably.
  • Establish market links to access international export markets to increase the value of the forest products for communities.
  • Provide participating landholders with access to microcredit financing to ensure sufficient working capital for each harvesting season. Making transport equipment available ensures the entire harvest can be freshly processed in season.
  • Support local residents in obtaining secure and well-defined land titles.
  • Establish surveillance and monitoring systems to pre-empt forest destruction. This includes continuous patrols, checkpoints, and communication equipment provided to community rangers.

The vast and diverse rain forest we’re preserving is also precious habitat for numerous endangered plant and animal species and a vital resource for local communities. By protecting it, we can ensure that animals and people alike have an essential resource for generations to come.