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Partners in Community Forestry

Louisville, KY

November 17-18, 2021

2019 Field Experiences Included with conference registration

Get outside and enjoy the urban forest at the Partners in Community Forestry Conference. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from several Field Experiences that allow you to learn about local projects, including their successes and challenges. Field Experiences are built into Wednesday afternoon’s agenda and are included in registration.

A River Runs Through It
Walking Tour

In 1969, the Cuyahoga River in downtown Cleveland caught fire due to persistent industrial pollution, spawning national attention and legislation that ultimately became the Clean Water Act. Fifty years later, the river is experiencing a renaissance, forming an environmental and cultural center for downtown Cleveland. Join us for a walking tour of riverfront cultural touchstones and new initiatives for green infrastructure.


  • Visit Settler’s Landing Park, a riverfront entertainment area with new tree projects underway.
  • Follow Towpath Trail, one section of a trail system following the Ohio & Erie Canal.
  • Learn about the plans for Carter Road, a future mixed-use development and brewery featuring restored habitat and trails.
  • Tour Merwin’s Wharf, a set of park facilities managed by Cleveland Metroparks.
  • Stop by The Foundry, the perfect spot for your Cleveland photo to post on Instagram.

Meeting Time: 1:00   |   Departure Time: 1:15

The Forest City, From Cradle to Grave
Motor Coach Tour

From its earliest days, Cleveland has been called “The Forest City,” and this field experience will highlight the places and spaces that give the city this nickname. Visit many of Cleveland’s historic and visionary landscapes with the local leaders who have worked to maintain them from a century or more ago through today. From Lakeview Cemetery to Lake Erie shoreline, you’ll get to experience the iconic spaces that comprise Cleveland’s urban forest.


  • Visit the Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus, where the campus tree program is an integral part of wellness for healthcare practitioners and patients alike.
  • Hear from leaders at Lakeview Cemetery on the history of the site and the care program for historic trees, including the Moses Cleaveland trees. Volunteer tree stewards—trained by local nonprofit tree groups—will show tree care activities. Consulting foresters will explain the tree inventory and risk management program for this high-profile landscape.
  • Drive past many of Cleveland’s cultural and historical landmarks, including University Circle and the Cultural Gardens, with local historians providing context and commentary.
  • Walk a short trail at Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve for a unique view of the Cleveland skyline. Pass by areas where invasive species have been removed, and where trees were installed to promote forest cover on this unique habitat.

Loading Time: 12:45   |   Departure Time: 1:00

Neighborhoods, Naturally!
Motor Coach Tour


The work to grow tree canopy in Cleveland involves more than just city departments and nonprofit partners. It includes neighbors and a diverse set of partners, matched to the interests and needs of the community. This field experience will feature the local partnerships conducting tree-related work in three Cleveland neighborhoods.


  • See how trees are contributing to economic recovery in Slavic Village following the national foreclosure crisis.
  • Visit green infrastructure projects along Fleet Street and pass by — if you can! — the Seven Roses Polish delicatessen, a cultural landmark.
  • Hear from residents of the Glenville neighborhood who are leading greening projects in vacant lots.
  • Visit a riparian restoration project in the North Collinwood neighborhood and see how trees are beautifying beach club communities there.
  • Witness the historic Moses Cleaveland trees in Lakeview Cemetery.

Loading Time: 12:30   |   Departure Time: 12:45

Motor Coach Tour

One of Cleveland’s greatest natural assets is Lake Erie, part of the largest system of fresh surface water in the world. The City of Cleveland and the surrounding region have supported programs that lead to cleaner discharges into the lake, with green infrastructure methods receiving new enthusiasm.

Cleveland employs a variety of methods to restore urban landscapes and create new opportunities for healthy soil, water, and trees as tactics to protect “our Great Lake.” This field experience will focus on strategies to capture and clean stormwater before it reaches the lake. And following the decade-long loss of tree canopy due to the emerald ash borer, replanting tactics that address tree species diversity and long-term resilience will also be on display.


  • Visit a repurposed church parking lot where asphalt removal was followed by soil replacement and installation of fruit trees in support of a community gardening operation.
  • See how a defunct golf course has been restored to a neighborhood park delivering major stormwater benefits while establishing habitat with soil remediation and species selection testing.
  • Discuss an emerging invasive species — beech leaf disease, discovered recently in Cleveland — and visit a remnant native stand of American beech where the disease is present.
  • Hear from local experts on a long-term comparative study of tree growth among four species using different soil mixtures and remediation methods.
  • Loading Time: 12:15   |   Departure Time: 12:30

    Green Jobs in Green Spaces
    Indoor Session

    Credit: Project Learning Tree (image provided by Esther Cowles)

    Urban and community forestry — like many other fields in forestry and sustainability — is facing shortages of new people entering the workforce. Many organizations are striving to promote green professions and recruit new participants. Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is contributing to these efforts with a new educational guide designed for adults working with high school-aged learners. The aim of Green Jobs in Green Spaces: Exploring Forest Careers is to engage young people in actively exploring green careers through activities in which they research forestry jobs and practice managing and monitoring forest resources.

    In this interactive and engaging session, participants will sample activities from the new Green Jobs guide, discuss how they might use it, explore ways that PLT can supplement other important work promoting green careers, and consider the feasibility of a Green Jobs initiative. Each participant will take home a Green Jobs guide.


    • Sample learning activities from the Green Jobs guide. Titles include Who Works in This Forest?, Hundred Hectare Wood, Monitoring Forest Health, and Seeking Sustainability.
    • Brainstorm ways you might use this guide to support your work. Target audiences include career and technical education, job training and service programs, forestry programs, scouting, 4-H, FFA, school counselors, and college recruiters, as well as others.
    • Strategize ways that PLT can support the work of others to create pathways to green jobs and careers.
    • Review other high-quality educational materials available through PLT, including a Teaching with i-Tree unit.

    Session Start Time: 1:00

    Urban Wood from Coast to Coast
    Indoor Session

    Credit: Urban Wood Network

    Cities, entrepreneurs, and advocates are leading a variety of initiatives to ensure that when urban trees are removed, there are opportunities for the material to be put to good use rather than entering the waste stream. Urban wood utilization includes use of materials coming from urban trees as well as from deconstruction activities. This interactive session will include information and project examples from Baltimore, Maryland; throughout California; and the Upper Midwest. Participants are invited to bring information about their own efforts to support information exchange and insights into lessons learned.


    • Watch a series of #forestproud videos on urban reclaimed and fresh-cut wood.
    • See examples of products, branding, and social media campaigns that work. Review the Urban Wood product line from Room & Board furniture company.
    • Discuss opportunities to connect urban wood with green market opportunities, including green building and certification.
    • Explore the economics of urban wood: how to develop a business plan to launch a fresh-cut urban wood operation.
    • Engage in roundtable discussions on regional urban wood initiatives in California, the Upper Midwest, Baltimore, and other areas.

    Session Start Time: 1:30