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Join us in Irvine

November 7-8, 2018

2017 Field Experiences Included with conference registration

Get outside and enjoy the urban forest at the Partners in Community Forestry Conference. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from several Field Experiences that allow you to learn about local projects, including their successes and challenges. Field Experiences are built into Wednesday afternoon’s agenda and are included in registration.


Parks With Purpose
Walking Tour

© SWA Group
Every story should start in a park — especially if it tells its own story.
Website for John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park

Explore historic downtown and the community parks that tell the story of where Tulsa has been and where it is headed. Walk past the nation’s most extensive collection of Art Deco architecture as you journey down Boston Avenue. Visit Guthrie Green, recently designated by the American Planning Association as one of America’s Great Public Spaces for 2016. And learn how parks and green spaces are key to downtown revitalization efforts.

Highlights include:

  • Learn how philanthropic and community collaborations have restored Chapman Green, a park in the center of downtown Tulsa.
  • Experience the history of race relations at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park. This space is dedicated to the memory of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots, an event once buried in history but now a story of hope and reconciliation for future generations.
  • Explore Guthrie Green, both the green space above and the geothermal energy system below.

Departure Time: 1:15 and 1:30
ISA CEU’s are not offered for this experience

A Gathering Place for Tulsa
Bus Tour

© A Gathering Place for Tulsa

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the $350 million park that is changing the face of Tulsa. A Gathering Place for Tulsa will transform nearly 100 acres along the Arkansas River into a dynamic and active outdoor space and represents the largest private donation to create a public park in U.S. history. See the results of efforts by donors and project managers to preserve and protect existing trees, as well as adding 6,000 new trees!

Experience the breathtaking gardens at the Philbrook Museum, located in the heart of Tulsa’s historic Maple Ridge neighborhood. The garden combines Italian, English, and French landscape styles and includes plants that are native or adapted to Oklahoma.

Highlights include:

  • Explore the five-acre Adventure Playground, Mist Mountain, and nature trails at A Gathering Place for Tulsa.
  • Take a step into the past at the Philbrook Museum gardens, once the home of local oil barons.
  • Travel through the historic Maple Ridge neighborhood and Woodward Park, a 45-acre public park, botanical area, and arboretum.
  • Visit the Council Oak, a historic landmark which represents the founding of the modern city of Tulsa by the Muskogee (Creek) Nation in 1836, following the hardship of their journey west on the Trail of Tears.

Bus Loading Time: 12:45   |   Departure Time: 1:00

Sustainable Tulsa
Bus Tour

© Ashley Ann Campbell

Sustainable landscapes have become more than just a catch phrase — they have become a necessity for urban residents. Join our field experts who will showcase three unique sustainability projects and the partners who made them happen, from neighborhood food supply to the preservation of a unique natural area for current and future generations.

Highlights include:

  • Visit Guthrie Green, a downtown green space specifically designed with energy sustainability in mind, using geothermal technology underneath the park to heat and cool nearby buildings.
  • Tour a food forest project highlighted in the Washington Times — one that addresses food scarcity, noise pollution, and youth engagement.
  • Explore Turkey Mountain, a natural area with hiking and biking trails that has been preserved through community, civic, and philanthropic efforts.

Bus Loading Time: 12:30   |   Departure Time: 12:45

Up With Partners!
Bus Tour

© Up With Trees

Amazing things happen when like-minded people join forces to change the community by adding trees and green spaces. Meet the leaders of the nonprofit group Up With Trees to learn more about their vision to promote community development by planting trees in food deserts, at public schools, and along roadsides. These projects are made possible by partnerships with local civic and philanthropic groups, coupled with the sweat equity of neighborhood volunteers.

Highlights include:

  • Visit a food forest project established to provide a sustainable source of nourishment in a North Tulsa neighborhood considered a food desert.
  • Engage in a discussion with Up With Trees staff and volunteers on-site at a planting event to see the Tree School Program in action.
  • Travel the I-44 corridor, a stretch of interstate highway that has been transformed by the planting of more than 1,600 trees, 92,000 square feet of wildflowers, and 27,000 square feet of landscape beds thanks to private donations and public partnerships.
  • Visit a field nursery where a local foundation is growing and distributing trees to improve the community.
  • Stop at Tulsa Community College, a Tree Campus USA, and see their efforts to make these campuses green, walkable, and inviting.

Bus Loading Time: 12:15   |   Departure Time: 12:30

Habitat Heroes
Indoor Session

© The Meadow Project

Trees may be the foundation of our community forests, but increasingly, native habitat and pollinator gardens are providing access to nature and offering volunteer opportunities for a new set of urban residents. Join us for a film screening that will highlight the emerging nature gardening movement, which uses sustainable practices to build community habitat for the benefit of both people and wildlife. Then interact with practitioners in the permaculture movement and help turn one of Tulsa’s vacant lots into a new neighborhood park – all from the comfort of your chair!


  • Hometown Habitat, Stories of Bringing Nature Home*: Inspiring stories of community commitment to conservation landscaping illustrate Dr. Douglas Tallamy's vision (from his book, Bringing Nature Home) by showing how humans and nature can co-exist with mutual benefits, challenging the notion that humans are “here” and nature is “someplace else.” Humans and nature can co-exist, and we all have the power to become habitat heroes!
  • A design workshop, hosted by Green Country Permaculture and Omaha Permaculture: this workshop will guide participants in small teams through design of a project site in Tulsa that explores and balances client and community interests for pollinator habitat, food and medicine production, youth engagement, water quality, and biomass utilization. Design teams will come together to present and discuss their ideas, how they might be implemented here in Tulsa, and what lessons may be taken home to other communities with similar needs.

* film screening courtesy of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Session Start Time: 12:30
ISA CEU’s are not offered for this experience