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Nebraska Tree Recovery

Help replant the tree canopy—and rebuild the spirit—of tornado-ravaged communities across the country.

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The spring of 2014 brought two highly destructive storms to rural communities in Nebraska. On May 11, an EF3 tornado tore through the community of Beaver Crossing, completely destroying 16 homes and damaging over 200 other homes, businesses, and churches. Then barely a month later, twin EF4 tornadoes that ripped through the town of Pilger, NE, on June 16.

These extremely rare twin tornadoes destroyed much of the town—leveling homes and businesses and taking two lives in less than 30 minutes. The Nebraska storms ravaged the tree canopies of these rural landscapes by debarking and snapping a massive amount of trees.

The Nebraska Tree Recovery campaign, was a partnership between the Nebraska Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation. This multiyear effort focused on distributing trees to community members who lost them in these devastating storms. The trees helped residents restore their neighborhoods and renew their sense of community. With your help, Beaver Crossing and Pilger have begun to reestablish…


Environmental and Societal Impact of 350 Trees Over 40 Years info

  • Cooling Savings (kWh) = $76,860
  • Heating Savings (kBtu) = $141,586
  • Net Energy Savings (kBtu) = $218,446
  • Net Carbon Dioxide Reductions = 2,219 tons
  • Air Pollution Reductions = 6 tons
  • Hydrology (Rainfall Inception) Increase = 4,088,000 gallons

Community Tree Recovery is an initiative of the Arbor Day Foundation nationally sponsored by FedEx.