Teaching Older Children and Youth About Trees

Fun and learning for your students.

Online Games & Activities

Carly's Kids Corner
Our landing pad for kids who love trees.
Leaf Miner
Identify common leaves before they pass you by ... and get munched by Constantine Maggot!
Treevial Pursuit
Test your knowledge of trees in this fun and challenging game.
Who Wants to be a Treellionaire?
A fun game hosted by "Tregis Filbert!"
Majestic Trees of America
Much of America's history is closely tied to her trees.
Life of the Forest.
How does a tree build a trunk that can last for centuries?
Life of a Tree
The rings of a tree are nature's way of marking the passage of time.
Tree Triva from Professor Puzzle
Match 30 trees with their clues in our trivia game.
The classic memory game.
Jigsaw Puzzle
A fun online jigsaw puzzle.
America's National Tree
People from all over America voted at Read about the mighty oak.
What Tree is That?
Learn to identify trees in your neighborhood.
Kids Make a Difference
Kids working with kids to make the world a better place.
Learn About the Rain Forest
See the amazing trees and animals found in our tropical forests.

Downloads for Parents & Educators

The Tree Chain Game
Learn what it takes for a seed to germinate and for a plant to grow.

Beat a Leaf (PDF, 85 KB)
This exciting activity will help your students learn about chlorophyll, the amazing substance that helps plants turn sunlight into food.

Community Tree Contest
A hands-on activity for classrooms or youth groups.

Mystery Tree Challenge (PDF, 681 KB)
Engage your students in learning the basics of tree identification with this fun hands-on activity.

Arbor Day Play
In this student play, "Trees... a Joy Forever", the statue of J. Sterling Morton comes to life and shares his story of how he "authored" this special holiday.

Tree Diversity Classroom Activity (PDF, 591 KB)
In this activity you will have an opportunity to design a community forest and discover the importance of tree diversity.

How a Bill Becomes a Law (PDF, 115KB)
This informative flowchart will help you understand the process of legislation in the United States.