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Tree Care Video Library

Learn the best practices in tree care through these tutorials from our Ask An Arborist series at the Arbor Day Foundation Blog.

Ask an Arborist: Why do we mulch?

It is very important to remember to mulch your tree after you have planted it. Learn the importance of mulch, best practices for mulching, and the varieties to choose from.

Ask an Arborist: Why do Leaves Change Color?

Autumns boasts spectacular displays of fall color. Learn the science behind why leaves change color.

Ask an Arborist: How do I Plant Bare-root Trees?

Your 10 free membership trees are young seedlings when they arrive. Learn how to properly plant bare-root seedlings in this step-by-step tutorial.

Ask an Arborist: Why Should I Plant Evergreens?

Evergreen trees provide numerous benefits when strategically planted around your home. Learn how to plant a living snow fence to keep cold winds out.

Ask an Arborist: Why do I Need to Prune?

Tree pruning, trimming, or cutting is an ongoing process throughout the life of your tree. Learn why it’s important to prune in part one of a three-part pruning series.

Ask an Arborist: What are the Rules of Pruning?

After selecting the right tree and carefully planting it, early pruning is the most important thing you can do for a young tree. Learn the 5 factors for form and function in part two of a three-part pruning series.

Ask an Arborist: The ABC’s of Pruning

Now that you’ve learned the importance of pruning and the rules of pruning, learn how to prune. The ABC’s of pruning will guide you through the process.

Ask an Arborist: How do I Hire an Arborist?

An arborist is a professional trained in the art and science of planting, caring, and maintaining individual trees. Learn the importance of hiring a trained professional to examine your trees and things that can go wrong when you don’t.

Ask an Arborist: How do I Know if my Trees Need Water?

Tree watering is a key part of tree care, but it’s difficult to specify how much water trees need. Learn how to check the moisture of soil around your trees and the symptoms of overwatering.

Ask an Arborist: How do I Choose a Nursery Tree?

Good tree care starts with a healthy tree, but the options at nurseries can be overwhelming. Learn factors to consider before selecting a tree and how to examine it to ensure you’re buying a healthy tree.

Ask an Arborist: How do I Check for Tree Pests?

There are numerous reasons why a tree may look unhealthy including factors such as drought, disease, pests, and improper care. Learn how to identify signs of pests and what to do if your tree is infested.

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