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Tree Care: Tree Gator Jr.

  • Tree Gator Jr. - 15 Gallon Tree Watering Bag
Proper watering creates a healthier tree and root system, and the Treegator Jr. Pro makes it a snap. This easy-to-install deep watering system requires no tools. Just place it around the trunk, fill it up with your hose, and walk away. The Treegator Jr. Pro will do the rest—slowly releasing up to 15 gallons of water over a 5–8 hour period.

 Constructed of durable, UV-treated and puncture-resistant PVC, this product comes highly recommended by tree experts.

Hardiness Zones

The tree care: tree gator jr. can be expected to grow in Hardiness Zones 2–10. View Map

Tree Type

Growth Speed Growth Rate

Sun Preference