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Tree Care: Rootmaker Knit Bag - 5 inch

  • Rootmaker Knit Bag - 5 inch
If you intend to plant your new trees in a garden or yard and then transplant them to a permanent location a season or two later, the Rootmaker is an ideal solution for you. The product’s knit fabric will create a fibrous root system with a greater surface area, and root damage will be eliminated during transplanting. This creates a healthier root system, leading to a faster-growing tree.

The 5" Rootmaker knit bag is designed for trees 6" to 1' tall. Rootmaker bags are also available in an 8" size, accommodating trees 1' to 3' tall.

Download Rootmaker Instructions

Hardiness Zones

The tree care: rootmaker knit bag - 5 inch can be expected to grow in Hardiness Zones 2–10. View Map

Tree Type

Growth Speed Growth Rate

Sun Preference