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Local Arborist Information

  1. Find a Certified Arborist. Use this database to find an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist near you.

  2. Use the map below to find your regional ISA chapter.

  3. Alabama Urban Forestry Association—The AUFA promotes proper tree care, tree protection and other tree issues in the urban setting. This organization has a diverse membership of arboricultural professionals, horticulturists, landscape workers, community tree board members, tree-care volunteers and interested citizens who care about trees where they live and work.

  4. The California Arborists Association, Inc. (CAA) is a non-profit organization of professional arborists combining efforts to improve tree care practices in California.

  5. Connecticut Tree Protective AssociationCTPA is a non-profit, non-partisan association, made up largely of tree care professionals from Connecticut and the surrounding states.

    The Association was formed in 1922, for the following purposes:

    1. To promote the protection and care of trees in Connecticut.
    2. To encourage the ongoing improvement of tree care practices among tree workers.
  6. Georgia Arborist Association—The GAA brings together tree care professionals and enthusiasts for the betterment and protection of Georgia’s trees. The GAA promotes fellowship, education, training and networking among Georgia arborists while acting as an advocate for issues facing our trees and the arboriculture industry.

  7. Hawaii Society of Urban Forestry Professionals—The mission of the Hawaii Society of Urban Forestry Professionals is to ensure a well-managed and enhanced urban environment of Hawaii by improving and refining the art and science of urban forestry.

  8. Hawaii: The Aloha Arborist Association—The Aloha Arborist Association, (AAA), is an organization of tree professionals as well as private citizens concerned for trees and their environment. They are a state-wide organization with members from The Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. Since 1976, AAA has not only helped Hawaii’s Tree Care Professionals stay current with the latest in arboricultural practices, they have assisted other organizations in raising the awareness of proper pruning and planting techniques.

  9. Iowa Arborist Association—The purpose of the Iowa Arborist Association shall be to foster an appreciation for the Iowa tree community, to increase interest in planting and caring for shade and ornamental trees, to promote the science and practice of professional arboriculture and to encourage public education.

  10. Kansas Arborists Association—The Kansas Arborists Association works to improve the quality of tree care in Kansas. They also seek to improve tree preservation through good arboricultural practices.

  11. Louisiana Arborist Association—The Louisiana Arborist Association (LAA) is the non-profit state trade association whose purpose is to assist the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry in the advancement of its programs and policies aimed at improving the practice of arboriculture in Louisiana through training opportunities, continuing education, and public education.

  12. Long Island Arboricultural Association—The Long Island Arboricultural Association, Inc. is a not for profit educational organization dedicated to education for the appreciation and care of shade trees and shrubs on Long Island.

  13. Maryland Arborist Association—The mission of the Maryland Arborist Association, Inc. is to promote education in the field of arboriculture, to support the success of arborists and to promote the importance of tree care. The association will provide a forum for the exchange of information and will encourage professionalism through the collective efforts of the members.

  14. Maine Arborist Association—The Maine Arborist Association (MAA) is a non-profit membership association that creates safety and educational programs and helps to develop tree care practice and management information for arborists and tree care specialists in the state of Maine.

  15. Massachusetts Arborists Association—The Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) is a professional trade organization that serves the commercial arboriculture industry. The MAA advances the goals of its members through education, research support, certification and promotion of the value of arboriculture to the public.

  16. Massachusetts Tree Warden’s & Forester’s Association—Founded in 1913, the Massachusetts Tree Wardens’ & Foresters’ Association serves as an organization committed to the protection of urban and community.

  17. Nebraska Arborists Association—The Nebraska Arborists Association provides useful information for professional arborists and the public about proper tree care.

  18. New Hampshire Arborists Association—The New Hampshire Arborists Association promotes and encourages continuing education in arboriculture and provides a means of professional self-improvement for those arborists working in the tree care field.

  19. North Dakota Urban & Community Forestry Association—The NDUCFA offers an annual tree care workshop and several other training sessions for arborists and other tree care professionals throughout the year.

  20. Rhode Island Nursery & Landscape Association—The Rhode Island Nursery & Landscape Association is a professional trade association that serves the green industry. RINLA advances the welfare of its members through education, research support, legislative representation, certification, and promotion of the value of green industry goods and services to the public. This website includes a directory of arborists in Rhode Island.

  21. San Diego, Professional Tree Care Association of…—This organization’s mission is to improve San Diego’s quality of life by making the urban forest safer and more beautiful through education and proper tree care.

  22. The South Dakota Arborists Association—The South Dakota Arborists Association is an organization of arborists and other tree care professionals that strive to promote, and educate the people of South Dakota on the proper ways of tree care and maintenance issues of trees.

  23. St. Louis Arborist Association—Since 1956, the St. Louis Arborist Association has been dedicated to promoting tree preservation in the St. Louis metro region.

Special note is designed to provide non-biased information to the general public with no intended endorsement of specific products, companies, or services. It is important members follow the published recommendations of their own respective State Cooperative Extension Service when considering pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide recommendations for the care of trees and shrubs. You may decide to seek an organic, Plant Health Care (PHC) or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution to your problem. Questions related to cultural practices and issues not specifically covered by should always be referred to your local Cooperative Extension office, Certified Arborist, or local Nursery Professional. Questions concerning commercial orchards or tree crops should be referred to your local Extension Service.

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