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Sources for More Information

Bulletin March/April 2021: Saving Natural Areas in Cities

There is considerable interest in saving natural areas in cities. Below are quick links to just some of the sources of helpful information related to this important topic.

Sources used in this issue of the bulletin:

  • Cities and the Environment – The Electronic Journal Dedicated to the Ecology of Urban Communities.
  • The Science and Practice of Managing Forests in Cities

    Based on information from the above website, we extend special acknowledgement to:

    • Sarah Charlop-Powers, Sophie Plitt, and Clara C. Pregitzer, The Science and Practice of Managing Forests in Cities: Introduction to the Special Issue
    • Kristen L. King and D. S. Novem Auyeung, Monitoring Forest Restoration Activities in NYC Parks
    • Amy L. Witt, Shawnell C. Faber, and Alan R. Jankowski, Restoration and Management of High-Use Urban Missouri Woodlands and Forests in St. Louis
    • Justin Bower, Jeremy Burkes, and Kelli Ondracek, Assessing Houston’s Forested Habitat
    • Justin Bower, Jeremy Burkes, and Kelli Ondracek, Planning for Climate Change Through Riparian Restoration in Houston, Texas
    • Heather Bilden, Steven McConnell, and Megan Poulette, A River Runs By It: How Embracing a River Created Synergy for a Natural Areas Program and Interagency Environmental Education in Billings, Montana
  • Natural Areas Conservancy
  • Untapped Common Ground: – The Care of Forested Natural Areas in American Cities
  • The Cross-Pollinator – U.S. Forest Service

Some Others of Interest

Your urban forester or arborist is a good partner as you consider ways to achieve the ten points necessary to apply for a Growth Award. Assistance and suggestions are also available from your state urban forestry coordinator.

More Information

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