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Sources for More Information

Bulletin #40: Trees in the Riparian Zone

Key Organizations

An organization that provides leadership in education and action related to clean water in urban and rural areas is the Center for Watershed Protection of Ellicott City, Maryland. You can receive assistance with projects and other information by visiting their web site.

Another organization that should not be overlooked is American Rivers.

Books About Greenways

Here are some of the excellent books available to help inspire interest in greenways and riparian areas and guide their development in communities of all sizes.

  • Ecology of Greenways: Design and Function of Linear Conservation Areas by Daniel S. Smith and Paul Cawood Hellmund.
  • How Greenways Work: A Handbook on Ecology by Jonathan M. Labaree.
  • Greenways for America by Charles Little.
  • Ecological Networks and Greenways: Concept, Design, Implementation by Rob H. G. Jongman and Gloria Pungetti.
  • Designing Greenways: Sustainable Landscapes for Nature and People by Paul Cawood Hellmund and Daniel Smith.
  • Greenways: A Guide to Planning, Design and Development by Charles A. Flink, Robert Searns and Loring L. Schwarz.

Please remember: All book purchases made through our link to, returns a portion of the sale price to the Arbor Day Foundation to support its educational programs in tree planting and environmental stewardship. Simply go to the Arbor Day Online Books section of this site.

Online Publications


An 8-minute videotape, Greenways: America’s Natural Connections, and other information about greenways is available from The Conservation Fund.