Alabama Tree Recovery Campaign

Alabama Community Tree Recovery Campaign

Help rebuild the lives and communities of storm-weary people like those in Alabama.

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When more than 100 tornadoes pummeled communities in Alabama in April 2011, citizens were displaced and devastated by the overwhelming destruction. Through the Alabama Tree Recovery Campaign, people across America are answering the call to help replant trees and restore natural beauty to the afflicted areas.

Donations are no longer needed for this specific campaign, but you can donate to the General Community Tree Recovery Fund to bring life back to other disaster-stricken communities where the need remains.

About the Campaign

Learn about what happened, who was affected and how the campaign will help.

Impact of the Campaign

Keep up on the progress made to replant the area.

Alabama Photo Gallery

Watch the recovery efforts in Alabama take shape.

Community Tree Recovery is an initiative of the Arbor Day Foundation nationally sponsored by FedEx. The Alabama Community Tree Recovery campaign is in partnership with the Alabama Forestry Commision.
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