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Working With the Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation was formed in 1972 and has 44 years of experience sequestering carbon through trees.

Recently there has been a growing desire for companies to quantify and verify the amount of carbon they are emitting and determine what course of action can be taken to help mitigate and offset those emissions. In response, the Arbor Day Foundation began to work with trusted carbon offset partners to build projects that would meet the needs of this increasing demand.

This is no small undertaking. Forestry carbon projects take place over a minimum of 40 years and require a high level of project developer stability to guarantee the credible delivery of carbon sequestration. But with our established history, we are well-positioned to do the job the correct way.

We know trees. We know how to best use trees as a solution to global issues. And we know how to help you achieve your sustainability goals through the use of trees to offset your carbon footprint.

Our projects are uniquely selected based on a need for reforestation within the United States. We choose locations that can be restored to forest land to provide solutions to additional problems such as soil erosion and pollutants in water runoff. This is how your carbon offset can have a greater overall impact.

Join other well-known organizations in offsetting your carbon emissions with the Arbor Day Foundation.