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Zambia Carbon Project

Forests in Zambia are disappearing rapidly, and deforestation rates in the project zone are about 11 times higher than the national average. The commitment of local communities is the best hope for reducing poverty and the greatest defense against this deforestation.

Our efforts are fostering that commitment by working with local communities to:

  • Integrate improved and diversified agricultural practices and training (e.g. crop rotation, soil conservation, dried fruit, and poultry production).
  • Produce eco-charcoal in sustainably managed, set-aside areas of community forest (a new product that will be sold in the nearby capital of Lusaka, creating jobs and reducing deforestation).
  • Invest in education (school buildings and teachers’ salaries), healthcare (materials for local clinics) and drinking water supplies (new wells).
  • Create a safe refuge for threatened wildlife, protecting it from widespread poaching for bushmeat and trophy markets.
  • Establish forest conservation agreements with communities in return for project benefits.
  • Support local officials and traditional authorities in protecting the reserve.

These practices conserve the valuable Miombo forest, creating a buffer for a globally significant wilderness area that is home to threatened species such as elephants, lions, and leopards.

Through carbon credits, you can help enhance and protect this forest.