The Tree Book

Every member receives The Tree Book when they join the Arbor Day Foundation.

The Tree Book is much more than a catalog with beautiful, full color photos of trees. The advice and expert tips placed throughout the book are treasured by our members. Many of them have saved every issue for years.

In this year's Tree Book, you'll learn:

  • what trees are best for providing variety, food, water, and shelter for wildlife; and how to place them around your yard.
  • proper planting techniques for bare root trees, including mulching and watering tips.
  • how to prune your trees, with diagrams showing where and how to make a proper pruning cut.
  • how to plan a home orchard, and how to prune fruit trees to help ensure a bountiful harvest.
  • the benefits of a privacy screen and how to plant for diversity.
  • how to care for hedges.
  • how to save energy with trees.
  • how to design a windbreak.
  • tree care basics.

To get your Tree Book, become a member today. You can also Visit our online tree nursery.

A letter from a member:

Andy, an Arbor Day Foundation member I have been a member of the Arbor Day Foundation since 1988. I had never planted anything before I joined and now years later, I have planted several hundred trees, shrubs, annuals, bulbs, etc. I look forward each year to planting trees and taking care of the ones I have. I think I've read everything the Arbor Day Foundation has ever published. l have certainly enjoyed my association with and I'm proud to be a member of your fine organization. I intend to be a life-long member.

Our son Jacob (our only child) was born on a Sunday night in December. On Monday morning I planted a tree (Dawn Redwood) commemorating his birth. Our family calls this "Jacob's tree." Each year we take a photograph of Jacob beside his tree. I am enclosing a picture of this tree with Jacob and myself. This tree is approximately 20 feet tall now. It was 18 inches tall when I planted it 3 1/2 years ago. I ordered it out of The Tree Book.



See the Tree Book now at Catalog Spree. It's available on their website and in their free Ipad app.