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Stroll Sacramento’s Historic Urban Forest

Sacramento began its love affair with trees in the 1850’s.

Join the Sacramento Tree Foundation as we stroll through an urban forest of historic magnitude. Wander through one of the largest groves of urban European elms in our nation and experience a State Capital grounds worthy of international attention.

Sacramento sidewalks are a comfortable path for experiencing how much of our county felt like before Dutch elm disease took hold. Towering elms and massive camphor, oak and sycamore will be sure to awe and delight.

This three-hour tour will include Capitol Park, with its notable collection of specimen trees, some of them planted in the 1880s. There is a good collection of old conifers (such as bunya-bunya, Chinese fir, and umbrella pine), as well as many oaks, including large examples of water oak, pin oak, and red oak. If you are a fan of trees or like seeing unusual plants, then this tour is a must-see while visiting Sacramento.

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