Replanting our Nation’s Forests

Tangley Oaks Offers Gift Saplings at Arbor Day Themed Tasting Events

“Tangley Oaks wines have been really pleased to offer Arbor Day Foundation gift saplings at their Arbor Day themed wine tastings throughout the country for two years in a row.

Tangley Oaks Wines

“Tangley Oaks donates to the Arbor Day Foundation because they share their mission of planting trees and the Gift Trees have been an effective way to both communicate the partnership to consumers and also provide something new and different. The Foundation is very flexible about delivering a great branding message for our wines and the trees are always in sound condition and very long lasting. We know that our bottle of Tangley Oaks wine might be enjoyed briefly, but that the tree will last for years and continue to remind about the goals of our company.

“As Arbor Day approaches in 2011, I know that we’ll have many wine shops across the country looking forward to the Tangley Oaks wine tastings with Arbor Day Foundation saplings and continue the tradition of planting trees each spring.”

Aileen Sevier, Terlato Family Vineyards