Replanting our Nation’s Forests

Best Price Boxes

We chose the Arbor Day foundation because we love the mission of your company - you "Inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate Trees!" In many ways we (Best Price Boxes) are trying to do the same thing - get people to buy used boxes - and then sell them back to us - which in turn, allows us to reuse a box, on average, 3-4 times before the need to recycle it. This keeps valuable resources out of the landfills and lessens the need for new boxes. To date, we have reused and recycled more than 2,500 tons of boxes - which equals ~42,500 trees saved! Although our two companies have a different means to an end, our goals are similar.

The Gift Trees are given to our customers as a small token of our appreciation for buying - or selling us - used boxes. It's a reminder that what they are doing is being a friend to our environment in several ways: Buying used boxes, selling us used boxes, and an opportunity to plant a tree. Our customers love this idea and many accept the Gift Trees from us. I cannot begin to tell you how many times that we have heard "What a great idea," and "I wish you were here 5 years ago." It truly gives us a sense of accomplishment knowing that in a small way we are helping these communities working towards a *Greener* tomorrow.

Rosella Yoksh, a customer at the Overland Park, KS, store, said, “Oh, I can have one? What a great idea! I have already planted Colorado Blue Spruces around the corner of my yard, but one has not made it . Oh, thank you so much!”

We hope the Arbor Day Foundation can be a big part of Best Price Boxes' growth strategy going forward as we try and inspire more communities to reuse boxes - and plant trees!