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Whether you’re an individual selecting 25 trees or a large corporation ordering thousands, Gift Trees will arrive fresh and on time.

Arbor Day Gift Trees
  • Tangley Oaks Offers Gift Saplings at Arbor Day Themed Tasting Events

    Tangley Oaks wines have been really pleased to offer Arbor Day Foundation gift saplings at their Arbor Day themed wine tastings throughout the country for two years in a row.

  • Best Price Boxes Gives Back In Many Ways

    Best Price Boxes gives a gift tree to customers who buy or sell a used box. Most boxes are used 3–4 times before they are recycled.

  • DFV gives Gift Trees at Bota Box tastings

    Customers who took part in an in-store demo received a free Gift Tree from Delicato Family Vineyards.

  • Oboz’s Gift to its Customers, and the World

    Customers who try on a pair of Oboz hikers or running shoes receive a free Gift Tree to take home and plant in their own yards.

  • Notre Dame Children Love Their Homework

    Students returned the next day to report where, and how, they’d planted their tree with their families.

  • Green is Hy-Vee’s Favorite Color

    Literally and figuratively planting roots in fertile soil, Hy-Vee is giving communities 200,000 Gift Trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, ready to place in the ground.

  • How Gift Trees helped make a birthday more special

    “It was unbelievable,” Gross said. “It was such a thoughtful, thoughtful surprise. This is something everybody can enjoy, and it’s a gift that will last long into the future. I can’t be happier about it.”

  • “I held our first Family Time at the Library last evening. There were 20 people in attendance, and 11 children received trees to take home, plant, and nurture. Two of the families indicated that they had no or very few trees in their yard. All of the children and parents were very excited about receiving the trees. One mother brought her 4-year-old daughter and her 8-month-old son. She took a tree for the baby so both children can have their own tree to watch as they grow. It was a very rewarding program for me, and I appreciate the Arbor Day Foundation's contribution the special evening.”

    Jane Carlson, Children’s Services Librarian
    Indianola Public Library, Indianola, IA

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