Chapter III: What We’re Doing

Burned Forests Rely on Many Partners

Allies Come From All Walks - And Species

Lush Forest
A lush forest of longleaf pines stands represents decades of growth and a diversity of life forms.

Expert input is essential to restoring a damaged forest. The state and county foresters follow best practices in implementing sustainable forestry standards. Authorities depend upon their counsel in helping determine the appropriate trees species that will support plant and animal life within a specific region.

The variety of Florida’s ecosystems where trees play an important role - pinelands, freshwater swamps, hardwoods hammocks, mangroves, and scrubs - requires precise attention to ensure all of the existing life forms will survive.

Multi-Age Pines
Trees of many ages mingle in a healthy pineland society.

The Arbor Day Foundation is dedicated to supporting responsible forest management, and restoring Forida’s magnificent forest ecosystems. The need is unmistakable. You can help. Your contribution will plant trees where they’re needed most, creating a vital habitat for many different creatures.

Now: Plant a tree in our nation’s forests