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Tree City Growth Awards

Growth Award

Category B: Partnerships

B1. New Project or Organization (4 points)

A new, significant tree project was accomplished by the city in partnership with a civic organization, youth group, or other corporate or volunteer entity. Or assistance was given in creating a new volunteer organization that contributes to the community forestry program.

B2. Utility Partnership (5 points)

A cooperative program between the city and a utility was initiated or significantly improved, resulting in additional tree planting, planting appropriate species, improved pruning and other tree care, or utility designation as a Tree Line USA. (Please enclose documentation of significant community involvement.)

B3. Green Industry Partnership (5 points)

A cooperative project between the city and businesses such as private nurseries or tree services resulting in improved planting stock, better tree care, improved landscaping methods, the recycling of wood materials, etc. was initiated or significantly improved.

Category B: Partnerships
B4. Cooperative Purchasing/Contracting (6 points)

A program was initiated or significantly improved for the community to cooperatively work with another community. (For example, to share a forester, to jointly contract for tree-care, computer or other professional services, to purchase expensive equipment such as a tree spade, or to pool tree orders.)

B5. External Funding ( 6 points)

The city applied for and received significant, nongovernmental funding (corporations, foundations, civic organizations, individual contributions, etc.) for community forestry. (Please indicate amount, source and use of funds with documentation.)

B6. Tree Planting on Private Property (4 points)

The city initiated or significantly improved a cost-sharing or other incentive program, an unusual publicity campaign, etc. to bring about more tree planting on private property. There should be attention given to planting the right tree in the right place, and encouraging long-term care.

B7. Engineering/Forestry Coordination (6 points)

Formalized coordination with city engineering was initiated or significantly improved to insure proper urban forestry review of street and utility plans, sidewalk construction, and similar practices that impact the health of the city's trees.

B8. Land-Use Planning Coordination (5 points)

Procedures for including tree professionals in land use planning decisions were put into place or significantly improved. Examples might include the appointment of a planning and zoning official to the tree board or vice versa, or routing all development site plans and applications through the city forester for input and approval.

B9. Wildland Fire Prevention Coordination (5 points)

The community has initiated or significantly improved a wildland fire prevention program such as involvement with Firewise Communities/USA. Go to for details.

B10. Citizen Training Program (6 points)

A program to train and schedule citizen volunteers to provide basic maintenance suited to volunteers was initiated or significantly improved.

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