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Tree City Growth Awards

Growth Award

Category A: Education and Public Relations

A1. Publications (2 points)

Materials for the public about tree planting and care, such as a listing of recommended street trees, were first published or significantly improved. (Please enclose a copy of the publication as documentation.)

A2. Literature Distribution (2 points)

A new method of public literature distribution (with utility bills, at garden centers, at public events, etc.) was developed and implemented successfully.

A3. Interpretive Program (3 points)

An interpretive program such as a walking tour of outstanding trees for community planting, an arboretum, a heritage tree program (largest, historic, etc.) or similar project was first made available to the public or was significantly improved.

Picture of man at Category A: Educational & Public Relations podium
A4. Local Awards Program (3 points)

A recognition program with awards to citizens, commercial enterprises, neighborhood associations, other citizen groups, etc. for such things as best landscaping, tree planting/care projects, etc. was initiated or significantly improved.

A5. Community-Wide Tree Event (4 points)

A special, community-wide tree event such as an Arborfest, Dogwood Festival, Oak Festival, etc. was initiated or significantly improved. (An Arbor Day celebration is a standard requirement to qualify for Tree City USA. Therefore, please report here only a community-wide, highly publicized Arbor Day celebration or festival in addition to Arbor Day.) Tree-related activities and/or exhibits must be part of the event. (Please include event name(s) and date(s) with documentation.)

A6. Publicity (5 points)

An ongoing publicity campaign for tree care and community forestry was initiated or significantly improved, for example a weekly newspaper column by the city forester or tree board, or a community-wide newsletter about trees.

A7. Youth Education (4 points)

The city initiated or significantly improved a formal, tree-education program for youth in the community. (such as “Project Learning Tree,” assisting a school in being recognized as a Tree Campus K-12, etc.)

A8. Continuing Education for Tree Workers (6 points)

A training/continuing education program for the city's tree workers, both employees and contractors, was initiated or significantly improved. The training must be provided at least annually - either by the city or by other qualified organizations. (Please indicate who provided training, the type of training and approximate percentage of tree workers who received 8 hours or more of formal training and percentage who received 40 hours or more of formal training.)

A9. Tree-Worker Safety Program (5 points)

A comprehensive safety program for city tree workers was initiated or significantly improved that goes beyond formal training to include such methods as daily warm-up exercises, wellness programs, safety newsletter, etc.

A10. Continuing Education for Forestry Managers and Tree Board Members (6 points)

A continuing education program for forestry managers and tree board members was initiated or significantly improved. Examples include participation in tree-related workshops, conferences, correspondence courses, or other structured educational programs for those involved with managing community forests. (Please include approximate percentage who attended conferences, workshops, or other such events, and approximate percentage who earned credit or continuing education units (CEUs), with documentation.)

A11. Tree-Care Workshops (4 points)

A workshop on some aspect of tree care was provided for the first time for homeowners, businesses and other members of the public. Or ongoing workshops were significantly improved or the public participation was significantly increased. (Please include date(s) and number attending with documentation.)

A12. Arborist Workshops (5 points)

Tree-care workshops were provided for the first time for private commercial arborists. Or ongoing workshops were significantly improved or participation was significantly increased. (Please include date(s) and number attending with documentation.)

A13. Publicity Event (3 points)

An activity specifically designed to gain publicity for the community forestry program was initiated or significantly improved.

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Tree City USA is an Arbor Day Foundation program in cooperation with:

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