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Bulletin #45: Trees For Better Streets


Great Streets

by Allan B. Jacobs

This is a very well-written, 344-page book that examines a wide range of physical and social elements to discover why some streets appeal to people so strikingly. Trees are part of that appeal, perhaps even the key to the "magic" Jacobs has noticed. Available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press or through online book stores.

Remember: If you purchase a book at and enter the site through the Conferences & Seminar's Bookstore here at, the Arbor Day Foundation receives a percentage of the sale to help support education and environmental stewardship.

Interpreting Our Heritage

by Freeman Tilden

This 119-page classic will introduce you to the concepts behind the modern craft of interpretation. Available from the University of North Carolina Press or online book stores.

Georgia Model Urban Forest Book

Rapid growth and development of communities in Georgia was the stimulus behind this 78-page publication. Its purpose is to help citizens preserve or enlarge the tree canopy in their towns and cities. As a model, most of the concepts are applicable in cities nationwide, particularly the idea that trees need to be placed on the same level of importance as other critical infrastructure elements. Available from the Georgia Forestry Commission or downloadable online at:

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