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Bulletin #21: How Trees Can Save Energy

No pun intended, but today energy and energy conservation are hot topics. For additional information, research these topics via your favorite search engine.

Suggested Links

  • — This site will lead you to builders who specialize in the science and art of “green building” and building for sustainability. You will also find guidelines on shading, windbreaks, reflective materials and more.

  • will take you to the site of the U.S. Department of Energy. From here there are sites for consumers, educators, employers and others with an interest in energy conservation.

  • is the Environmental Protection Agency’s site that focuses on trees and vegetation. There is a lot of valuable information here.

  • For more websites, enter “trees and energy savings” into your favorite search engine.

The Facts About Global Warming

For an excellent explanation about global warming and how trees help in the fight against it, please visit


Many home landscaping books contain information about how to use trees and vegetation for energy conservation. Remember, when you purchase books at, if you go through Arbor Day Online Books, a portion of each sale is donated to tree planting and other Arbor Day Foundation programs. There is also a suggested list of landscaping books.

The i-Tree Suite

Here is a link to free software programs that can be used to determine the contribution trees make to energy savings. The i-Tree suite of programs can be used in communities of any size and provides much more additional analysis of environmental benefits provided by trees.

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