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#2: When a Storm Strikes

With the exception of mistreatment by humans, never is danger to a tree greater than during the inevitable trial by storm. The pounding of rain or h… Topics: storm damage, pruning, safety, public relations,

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#3: Resolving Tree-Sidewalk Conflicts

In resolving conflicts between trees and sidewalks, as in so much of life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With careful plan… Topics: construction, roots , soil,

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#7: How to Save Trees During Construction

Saving trees during construction often requires courage by an individual – especially in communities where the common practice is simply to bu… Topics: construction, soil, public relations, roots ,

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#14: How to Kill a Tree

The urgency to spotlight needless destruction of trees has reached a critical level. Most of the destruction is preventable if people only realized… Topics: water, soil, roots ,

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#15: How to Recognize and Prevent Hazard Trees

Worrying about hazards has resulted in the unnecessary removal of many trees. Although the problem of hazard trees needs to be addressed by every l… Topics: pruning, safety,

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#24: Trees and Parking Lots

Up to 40 percent of the surface in some urban areas is dedicated to storage space for cars, and its impact on the character of a community is signif… Topics: right tree, roots, soil, ordinances,

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#30: Ten Tree Myths to Think About

Community foresters and tree board members encounter many myths that affect the management of trees. These myths form a barrier to better community… Topics: pruning, roots, water,

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#35: How to Protect Trees During Underground Work

Tree roots in cities and towns must share limited underground space with a plethora of underground utilities. There, in those crowded conditions, t… Topics: soil, roots, public relations,

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#38: The Way Trees Work

How trees live and grow is a fascinating subject that some people pursue for a lifetime. But by knowing even a few basics, it is possible to better… Topics: roots, soil, pruning,

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#45: Trees for Better Streets

Trees have a powerful effect on how any street looks, feels, and functions. Trees make any street a better street and because of this they deserve… Topics: right tree, public relations, roots, economics,

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