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Tree City Growth Awards

Growth Award

Category C: Planning and Management

C1. Tree-Maintenance Budget (9 points)

A budget line in the city budget specifically for tree maintenance (as opposed to planting or removals) was initiated or significantly increased. (Please indicate budget allocation for the current and previous year with documentation.)

C2. Municipal Funding (8 points)

Expanded or innovative municipal funding was developed to be used specifically to increase the planting and care of community trees. Examples include special tax districts, curb tax, bond issues, license fees, gas tax, utility surcharge, etc.

C3. Sidewalk/Curb Policy (5 points)

Policies were adopted or significantly improved which call for placement, construction, replacement and repair of sidewalks and curbs in a manner that will minimize tree damage. (Please enclose a copy of the policies as documentation.)

Category C: Planning & Management
C4. Tree Inventory and Analysis (7 points)

A basic inventory of street and/or park trees was conducted for the first time or updated, and an analysis was performed indicating what conclusions are to be drawn from the inventory: species mix, planting and care needs, etc. (Please enclose copy of the inventory, or a sample from one neighborhood, and the analysis as documentation.)

C5. Computerized Tree-Management System (9 points)

The tree management system was first computerized and is site specific, i.e. individual trees identified with specific locations, and includes a work-reporting method with the work data on individual trees updated on a regular basis, preferably at least weekly.

C6. Management Plan (7 points)

A long-range, community-wide tree planting and management master plan using inventory data and covering at least the next 3–5 year period was first adopted or significantly improved. (Please enclose copy of plan as documentation.)

C7. Licensing (5 points)

A licensing program was initiated or significantly improved for all tree-care companies or individuals operating in the community. (Please enclose explanatory literature as documentation.)

C8. Improved Ordinance (6 points)

A new or revised and significantly improved ordinance related to trees was adopted. The ordinance(s) must lead to the improved management and/or protection of trees and tree habitat and might include such measures as protecting historic or specimen trees, protecting trees and tree habitat during construction, conserving woodlands, ending tree topping, requiring new developments to preserve green spaces or plant trees, requiring parking lot landscaping, etc. (Please enclose copy of ordinance as documentation.)

C9. Standards and Specifications (6 points)

A standards and specifications document was adopted, or updated and significantly improved, as a separate document which complements the community's tree ordinance. Provisions might include such things as acceptable street trees to plant, standards for planting in downtown areas and along residential streets, and tree-maintenance guidelines. The standards would be updated and kept current by the city forester, tree board, or equivalent authority. (Please enclose copy with documentation.)

C10. Wildlife Habitat (3 points)

Wildlife habitat was developed or protected, including such practices as setting aside “no mowing” zones, planting trees and shrubs for wildlife purposes, protecting riparian zones, adding water impoundments for wildlife, providing nest boxes, etc.

C11. Park, Open Space (5 points)

Forested open space was acquired or a park developed with major tree planting. To use this criterion, it is necessary to demonstrate that the forestry staff or tree board was instrumental in the project. The land in question must be available for public use. Land covered by a scenic or other easement may also be included here.

C12. Emergency Plan (4 points)

A tree-care emergency plan was developed or significantly improved. The plan could outline who will provide what services after a severe storm, mutual aid available between communities or jurisdictions, and how to work effectively with the news media.

C13. Professional Tree Manager (10 points)

A full-time city forester or equivalent was hired for the first time. (Please indicate name, title, education/degree and starting date.)

C14. Accreditation for Forestry Department (10 points)

Seek and receive accreditation for the municipal forestry department such as that provided by the Society of Municipal Arborists.

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