Sources for More Information

Bulletin #16: How to Recycle Shade Tree Materials

  • Utilizing Municipal Trees: Ideas From Across the Country

    This excellent publication is available online by going to the USDA Forest Service’s Publications and Products page and entering “Utilizing Municipal Trees” in the search box. You will also find many other valuable publications at this Web site of the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry.

  • Harvesting Urban Timber: A Complete Guide

    You can find this book and other information related to milling and other uses of tree “waste” by visiting:

  • The Practical Guide to Compost Marketing and Sales

    This publication and a wealth of other information about organic recycling and composting can be found at:

The World of Wood Turning

There are wood turners in most communities and they are usually interested in obtaining parts of trees that have been removed from streets and parks. For information about this fascinating hobby and profession, visit the Web site of the American Association of Woodturners.

Examples of Organizations

Myriad organizations now exist to help local communities find ways to re-use wastes. Here are a few with Web sites worth visiting and that have links to many other sources:

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Keep America Beautiful
  • National Recycling Coalition
  • National Solid Wastes Management Association

Arbor Day Foundation’s Educational Programs

The Arbor Day Foundation is a leader in the wise use of renewable energy sources and wood waste.

  • Explore the demonstration fuelwood plantation at Arbor Day Farm.
  • Visit the Fuelwood Energy Plant Visitor Gallery at Lied Lodge & Conference Center. The entire conference center and lodge is heated and cooled by wood-derived energy, much of it from the wastes of a pallet mill.

More Information

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