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Arbor Day Foundation Reforestation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Arbor Day Foundation reforestation program?

    The Arbor Day Foundation works with the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Foundation, National Association of State Foresters, National Association of State Park Directors, NGO’s, international organizations, and other partners to help replant forests in need. We, along with our corporate partners, members and donors are working together to provide funding for trees on high-priority and large-scale projects.

    This program helps meet the needs of forests recovering from fire, storms, disease and insect damage and other threats. We also work with organizations to restore watersheds, wildlife habitat and degraded lands. The Foundation continues to identify and help fund key planting projects that will help make a difference in restoring our nation's forested lands.

  • What are the criteria for the program?

    We are looking for great stories and projects that make a large impact on the environment. The story may include things such as wildlife habitat; fire restoration; community resiliency; recovery from storms, insects, or disease; and watershed restoration.

    We ask the party seeking funding to fill out a proposal with their project information. Each proposal is reviewed by the reforestation team, programs staff, and our corporate partnerships team. We then base our decisions on our members’ and corporate partners’ needs, the size of the project, the story behind the project, and the cost of the trees. We are seeking diverse projects across the country. All parties submitting proposals will be contacted within four weeks of the RFP process concluding, letting them know whether their proposal or a portion of their proposal has been selected. If selected, a letter of agreement will be sent documenting the details of the funding.

  • How big or how small of a project will the Arbor Day Foundation approve?

    Generally, we are seeking larger scale projects of 5,000 trees or more, although we may end up only funding a portion of a large project. There is no maximum set on proposals or number of trees to support. We hope to be able to support many diverse projects across the country.

  • What part of a reforestation project are you funding?

    Funding will be granted for the cost of seedlings in planting efforts. There are many associated costs in reforestation efforts, such as site prep, seed collection, administration, and contract labor. By focusing on seedling cost, we maintain a level of consistency across the country and we will have an easier time comparing different proposals. Our hope is that our tree planting partners can leverage our funds with other grants, individual donations, government funding, and revenue streams.

  • Do you fund a mix of trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plant material?

    Because our mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees, we focus solely on tree costs. Applicants will need to find funding outside of this partnership for other plant material.

  • How do I know if my proposal, or a portion of my proposal, has been selected?

    You will be contacted by email or phone within four weeks after the RFP process has concluded.

  • Can I submit multiple proposals?

    Yes. We may request that you combine similar projects across multiple sites into one proposal. If the projects are very different in scope, location, reason for planting, and tree species, we ask that you submit separate proposals for each project.

  • Can I submit proposals for both spring and fall plantings?

    Yes. While we request proposals in the early fall, we accept proposals throughout the calendar year. You may submit multiple proposals for different planting projects. We are specifically focused on projects that occur in the winter directly after the RFP closes and the subsequent calendar year.

  • Do you accept proposals for projects on private land?

    Yes. Please be sure to document within the proposal that the project is on private land and discuss site management practices. We want to make sure that private landowners have the right support to ensure the trees thrive and stay on the landscape long-term.

  • Can I include expenses other than seedling costs?

    Funding will be granted solely for the cost of seedlings in planting efforts. There are many associated costs in reforestation efforts, such as site prep, seed collection, and contract labor. By focusing on seedling cost, we maintain a level of consistency across the country and we will have an easier time comparing different proposals.

  • How much will the Arbor Day Foundation fund per tree?

    We do not have a limit on the funding per tree. Each proposal will differ in purpose, impact, and location. Seedling costs vary, and we will review each proposal independently.

  • How do we document the funding of the proposal once accepted?

    Managers of funded projects will receive a letter of agreement (via email) which documents details such as planting goals, expectations, reporting, and invoicing.

  • How much information should I include in the proposal?

    Please fill out the proposal completely. Comprehensive information, photos, and maps enable us to make an informed decision. The most effective proposals tell a complete story in logical order, illustrating input, output, outcomes, and eventual impacts.

  • How does the Arbor Day Foundation reimburse us for tree costs?

    Upon completion of the project, simply submit an accomplishment report on our website,, then email an invoice for the previously approved seedling costs. We will then issue a check for those costs.

  • What should I include in the accomplishment report?

    Please fill out the accomplishment report fully and to the best of your ability, being sure to include photos and storytelling pieces. We then share this information with our funding partners.

  • What reporting requirements must I follow for this grant?

    Within 60 days of project completion, the project contact should complete and submit an accomplishment report on our website,

  • Is this a one-time funding or will we have the opportunity to work with the Arbor Day Foundation in years to come?

    We prefer to continue effective partnerships beyond the first year. We are committed to funding reforestation efforts for years to come. We look forward to many years of collaboration with our partners.