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Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Replanting Our Nation’s Forests

Forest Overview

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is a 200-mile-long estuary that runs through six states and the District of Columbia. The watershed includes 50 major streams and rivers and is home to more than 17 million people who live and recreate in the Bay watershed.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Needs Our Help

Newly planted streamside forests are needed to filter and absorb pollution, stabilize stream banks, provide habitat, and help regulate water temperatures. Forests that once covered most of the land area within the Chesapeake Bay watershed were negatively affected by changing land use and development in recent decades. We need your help to enhance riparian forest buffer areas to filter pollutants and slow soil erosion into the Bay.

You can help repair damage to wildlife habitats. Read about our efforts in each and restore the awe-inspiring beauty of our state and national forests.

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