Welcome,Planting Partners!

This online portal is filled with resources designed to help our work together. In addition to templates, graphics, and guides, you will also find answers to common questions and have the opportunity to contact us with any questions.

Welcome Guide

This guide is designed to walk you through the different elements of our agreement. Within it, you will find a handy checklist and resources to help you share the story of your project.

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Implementation Templates

These guides connect deep organizational knowledge with other groups looking to scale in similar areas.

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Arbor Day
Foundation Logos

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Press Release

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A Tree Can be
Marketing Toolkit

Primary Contacts

Brad Brandt
Senior Program Manager

phone 402-473-9619 email

Brie Frickenstein-Kramel
Program Coordinator, Domestic

phone +1 402-473-9652 email

Ernesto Sanchez Andrade
Program Specialist, International

phone +1 402-473-9627
Time Zone: UTC -6

Jena Wanek
Program Coordinator, International

phone +1 402-473-2112 email