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Rain Forest Rescue Logo

You Can Help Save the Rainforest

Six things you can do to help.

  1. Ask merchants where the products they sell come from.

    When buying furniture, wood products, and beef, select products from sustainable sources.

  2. Get your local media into the act.

    Write to TV stations in your area encouraging them to run The Arbor Day Foundation’s Rain Forest Rescue public service announcements. View a PSA.

  3. Visit a rain forest.

    In addition to expanding your knowledge of rain forests and how to save them, your tourist dollars will help persuade developing countries of the economic value of maintaining these crucial ecosystems.

  4. Support sustainably produced rain forest products.

    An important step in preserving the rain forests is helping people native to these lands earn a decent living by making sustainable use of them. That means supporting imports of materials like resins, latex, fruits, nuts, even rattan sustainably harvested from the rain forest. Become an educated consumer.

  5. Save 2500 square feet of threatened forest.

    By contributing to Rain Forest Rescue, you’re helping to give plants and animals a place to stay.

    Help Save the Rainforest
  6. Drink Arbor Day Gourmet Coffee and Rain Forest Rescue Chocolate.

    Arbor Day coffee and cacao beans for our chocolate bars are grown organically under the shade of tall native rain forest trees. These products provide the economic incentive necessary for local farmers and their families to build schools, support medical centers, improve water quality, and protect their ancestral rain forests.

    Arbor Day Coffee Rain Forest Rescue Chocolate