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Take Your Coffee Carbon-Positive

The easiest and most accessible step you can take to protect your coffee supply chain is to go carbon-positive — offsetting twice the amount of carbon produced by your coffee inventory.

According to the SCAA white paper The Blueprint for Coffee in a Changing Climate , one recommendation for helping to mitigate climate change is to “offset carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.”

From seed to cup, one pound of roasted coffee produces an average of 11 pounds of carbon. By offsetting 22 pounds of carbon for each pound of coffee in your inventory, you are not only neutralizing your coffee’s carbon footprint, but removing the carbon footprints made by others.

1 pound of cofee equals 11 pounds of carbon

The funds generated through the sale of carbon credits at the Arbor Day Foundation will be reinvested in reforestation projects, the establishment of wastewater treatment plans, and sustainable processing improvements within interested coffee communities.

Each of us can make an impact, and it is our responsibility to pay it forward by continuing to reforest landscapes and promote responsible agroforestry for future coffee-drinking generations.

It’s time to take action

to protect the coffee industry.

Go Carbon-Positive Today

If you are a roaster interested in offsetting more than 100,000 pounds of roasted coffee on an annual basis, please email or call 402-473-9544 for volume discounts.

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