Protect Your Coffee Supply Chain With Trees

It is estimated that by the year 2050, a large portion of the land currently available for coffee will no longer be suitable for production. As global temperatures rise, coffee will seek cooler climates at higher elevations, increasing the potential for deforestation.

It’s time to face this problem head-on. TOGETHER.

We invite you to join the efforts of Project 2050 by purchasing carbon offsets, investing in reforestation efforts, and supporting coffee farmers taking steps toward better production practices.

Learn About Project 2050

Find out how we’re working with farmers to improve agroforestry management and post-harvest processing practices.

Buy Responsibly Sourced Green Coffee

Purchase green coffees from producers recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Take Your Coffee Carbon-Positive

Offset twice the amount of carbon produced by your coffee from seed to cup.

Project 2050 Participating Partners

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