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Become a Hazelnut Project Charter Patron and get 3 Free Hazelnut Bushes!

Hazelnut Pile

Become a Charter Patron in the Arbor Day Foundation’s Hazelnut Research Project now and get 3 free hazelnut bushes - for your own lifetime supply of hazelnuts.

Each year we will survey your results. Don’t miss this chance to be a valued participant in this important woody agriculture research project. When you do, you’re helping to fight climate change

Great Reasons to Join Today

Hazelnut Bush Receive beautiful Arbor Day Farm Hazelnut bushes for planting at home.

These Arbor Day Farm hybrid hazels grow to about 10' tall and are renowned for their precocity, bearing nuts early, with some producing their first crop in their third or fourth year. Bushes will be sent at the right time for planting in your area.

Harvest Heat Participate in a vital national research project to help combat climate change.

Woody plants are three times more effective at capturing solar energy than annual plants. This photosynthetic efficiency means woody plants used on a large scale could reverse increases in carbon dioxide... and its effect on climate change itself.

Sweet-Tasting Hazelnuts Enjoy a lifetime supply of high-protein, sweet-tasting hazelnuts.

High in protein and cholesterol-free, these nuts are both deliciously sweet and naturally healthy. They can be eaten by themselves or sliced, minced, or crushed to add flavor to casseroles, squash, cookies, and candies.

Join For Only $20 Share Your Story Learn About Our Research

Learn more about our Hazelnut Research Field at Arbor Day Farm.