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The Hybrid Hazelnut Project

Hybrid hazelnuts are a versatile crop that can bring food, fuel, and stability to people around the world. That’s why the Foundation and many of our members have been active participants in the Hybrid Hazelnut Project for more than 20 years.

Our History

It began with a new orchard at Arbor Day Farm and then blossomed into an initiative involving more than 80,000 members. Take a look at how the project has evolved over the years.

Arbor Day Foundation Hazelnut Members By State

    Number of Members

Why Hybridize Hazelnuts?

The potential for hazelnuts is great, but there are challenges. For example, current cultivars are susceptible to a devastating disease and have limited ability to adapt to climate. By creating a hybrid hazelnut that overcomes these barriers, we and our partners can help provide an important nutritional, agricultural, and environmental resource.